Successful Studying 

The following resources provide information on developing study skills. Academic Coaches can assist your development of these skills. If you would like assistance incorporating any of these materials into your daily routine, schedule a coaching appointment today. 

Do you feel discouraged by your exam scores? The Academic Success Center feels the way you study can be more important than how long you study. The handouts we provide discuss general tips and psychological learning theories that can help you understand how to be most effective when you hit the books! Click the links to learn more about study methods and exam preparation techniques.

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Course Specific Support

Tips and strategies for studying material in various subject areas.


A comprehensive, multi-month study plan for MCAT material.

Review Strategies

Tips for reviewing material effectively both after lectures and before exams.

Strategies for STEM Courses

How to review and prepare for STEM lectures.

Studying with Bloom's Taxonomy

Using Bloom's Taxonomy to determine what material to review and exam question types.

Successful Study Groups

Tips for effectively creating and managing a group study session.

5 Day Study Plan

A fillable resource explaining how to divide, prepare, & study material before an exam.

7 Day Study Plan

A fillable resource explaining how to divide, prepare, & study material the week before an exam.

Test autopsy

A tool to use after tests/exams to identify how you can improve in the future