tutoring services

What is Tutoring Services?

Tutoring Services is a centralized academic support service consisting of peer-facilitated learning experiences for undergraduates interested in requesting or becoming a tutor at Iowa State University.  We work with students to identify and mobilize resources that facilitate learning and promote success.

We are dedicated to providing quality small group tutoring, consisting of 2 to 5 students, for many undergraduate courses (see a list of current tutoring needs). All tutors and tutees are currently enrolled students at Iowa State. Each tutoring group is led by a qualified peer tutor. Groups meet at a consistent day and time twice a week during the academic year and three times per week during the summer. Group tutoring sessions cost $5 per session.

See our Program Goals and Objectives here.


    Additional Support

    Students waiting for a tutor have many options:

    Individual academic departments and colleges may also offer tutoring opportunities and services.