Meet the ASC Team

Meet the ASC Team

Katie Whipple

Katie Whipple | she/hers


(515) 294-9322

headshot photo of Patty, a woman smiling with short light hair

Patty Novak | she/hers


(515) 294-3102

A photo of Rebecca Nation, a woman smiling with long light brown hair

Rebecca Nation | she/hers

Assistant Director, Tutoring Services

(515) 294-4002


Emily Asche

Emily Asche | she/her

Program Assistant for Tutoring Services

(515) 294-8066


 | she/her

Tutoring Services Specialist

headshot photo of Emma, a smiling woman with shoulder length blonde hair

Emma Bentzinger | she/her

Graduate Assistant, Tutoring Services

Leif Olsen Headshot

Leif Olsen | he/his

Assistant Director, Academic Coaching & Outreach

(515) 294-6225


Coordinator for Academic Coaching & Outreach



headshot photo of Allyn, a woman wearing a red shirt with light hair

Allyn Oxley | she/her

Graduate Assistant, Academic Coaching


Annie Gambleton | she/hers

Assistant Director, Supplemental Instruction

(515) 294-0709


Hasan Sungur | he/his

Program Coordinator, Supplemental Instruction


| she/hers

Graduate Assistant, Supplemental Instruction