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Information about 2021 - 2022 Winter Session cost, FAQ, full course list and more, visit this link.

Drop-in Study Sessions
  • Drop-in Study Sessions will be available online for three courses:
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
ACCT 284 9 AM 6 PM 9 AM 6 PM 9 AM
BIOL 211 10 AM 2 PM 6 PM 9 AM 3 PM
BIOL 212 10 AM 12 PM 2 PM 5 PM 10 AM
  • Sessions are free and participation is voluntary for any student enrolled in the supported courses.
  • Each course will have one-hour drop-in study sessions on each instructional day of Winter Session.
  • A qualified, experienced undergraduate peer educator will be assigned to each course and will lead these sessions.
  • Sessions for each course include time for students to ask questions as well as time for the peer educator to facilitate interactive learning opportunities. Sessions will assist students with pacing for accelerated course delivery by aligning each daily session closely with the course schedule and topics provided on the course syllabus. The last session of each week will be a “catch-all” where students can ask questions related to any of the course material that was covered throughout the week. Exam reviews will be scheduled by each peer educator in accordance with the exam schedule for the course they support. 
  • While students can drop-in at any time during the session for their course, it is recommended that they attend the entire hour. 

Drop-in Study Session Supported Courses Information

Upon clicking the link above you will be directed to a page with Zoom and CyBox links for each course. You will be required to sign in with an ISU NetId to access the links.

Academic Coaching

All winter session academic coaching appointments will be held online via WebEx. Academic Coaching sessions during the winter session can help you make a plan and execute that plan to stay on top of the accelerated course delivery. Let us help you reach your winter session academic goals. Schedule a meeting with an academic coach today!

Click here for instructions to schedule an appointment and to learn more about academic coaching


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