What is Tutoring Services?

The Format
  • Tutoring takes place in small groups, consisting of 2 to 8 students.

  • Students can request a tutor in any undergraduate course they are currently enrolled in at Iowa State.

  • Group tutoring sessions cost $5 per session.

  • Groups meet at a consistent day and time twice a week during the academic year and three times per week during the summer. Sessions are 50 minutes.

  • Groups are interactive and led by a qualified peer tutor.

Tutoring Services is a centralized academic support service consisting of peer-facilitated learning experiences for undergraduate students interested in requesting or becoming a tutor at Iowa State. We work with students to identify and mobilize resources that facilitate learning and promote success. 

& the Benefits of Group Tutoring
  • Collaboration: Students can ask questions, discuss, and share ideas with 2-8 students in a similar situation. Sessions are designed to encourage thinking and peer-to-peer interactions.
  • Critical Thinking: They get to build on what they know, practice, and problem solve with the help of multiple, diverse perspectives.
  • Confidence: Students learn how to learn through engaging activities and skill development. And the main bonus? Earn higher grades!
  • Community: They also get to listen and learn in a comfortable environment where they form relationships with other tutees and their tutor while increasing their sense of belonging at Iowa State.

Contact us:  tutorsrv@iastate.edu

515-294-6624 Monday-Friday: 8 AM - 5 PM

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