What is Academic Coaching?

Academic Coaching can be defined as the one-on-one process of helping a student examine academic concerns and perceived barriers to success. Coaches provide individual semester-long support, assess the student’s strengths and needs, and devise a personalized plan of action in the following areas: 

  • Time management
  • Procrastination
  • Test preparation
  • Note taking
  • Reading strategies 

The goal of coaching is to promote an individual’s self-efficacy and confidence during their time at ISU. Coaching is provided year round, including in the summer term for NO cost. Students typically meet with an academic coach for 3-4 appointments/semester in order to test out new techniques provided by the coach and to report back on the success of such techniques.

Academic Coaches…

  • Have excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Are trained in evidence-based strategies to facilitate each session
  • Work to empower the student towards positive behavior change

Click here to read our program description and coaching appointment outcomes.

Academic Coaching will be available for the Summer 2021 Session with limited availability. Students can request summer coaching on Monday, May 10th. Appointments will start on Monday, May 17th.  Students are encouraged to make an appointment via ISU Appointments

How do I arrange a coaching appointment?No-Show and cancellation policy. Last day to schedule a first appointment with an academic coach is April 10th. Last day to attend a first...Preparing for your appointment.Academic Success Center workshop series.

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Contact Us

If you are having difficulties scheduling an appointment, email our coaching team at acteam@iastate.edu. For all other inquires regarding Academic Coaching and Outreach, please contact success@iastate.edu