Become an SI Leader

SI Leader Qualifications

For consideration, candidates must possess the following qualifications:

  • Enrollment as an Iowa State University undergraduate student
  • Minimum ISU cumulative GPA: 3.00
  • Minimum semester GPA for the most recent academic semester completed: 3.00
  • Grade of B+ or higher in course(s) you desire to lead
  • Self-motivation and direction to work independently with limited supervision
  • Empathy for, and understanding of a diverse group of students
  • Ability to speak and present information to large audiences
Why Become an SI Leader?
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Anticipated SI Courses for Fall 2022
A ECL/BIOL 365 CHEM 163 ENGR 160 PHYS 131
ACCT 284 CHEM 167 FIN 301 PHYS 231
AN S 214 CHEM 177 MATH 143 PHYS 232
AN S 319 CHEM 178 MATH 151 STAT 226
AN S 331 CHEM 231 MATH 165 AER E 351
BBMB 316 CHEM 331 MATH 166 AER E 355
BIOL 211 CHEM 332 MATH 265 BIOL 212
BIOL/GEN 313 E M 324 MATH 267  


SI Leader Hiring Process
  1. Review our list of current SI courses.
  2. Finalize your Fall 2022 schedule.
  3. Complete an online application.
  4. You will be contacted for an interview after we review you application. We consider your application responses, courses, and schedule. Interviews take place in groups. This is your chance to demonstrate skills we look for in SI leaders.
  5. If hired, complete required human resources forms. These forms must be turned in prior to orientation.
  6. Complete required 3-hour asynchronous orientation.
  7. Attend required in-person orientation.
SI Leader Responsibilities

SI Leaders will:

  • Attend lectures with students
  • Promote SI and motivate students to attend SI sessions
  • Creatively plan for SI sessions
  • Facilitate three 50-minute SI sessions per week using collaborative and active learning strategies
  • Participate in staff development activities and continuous leadership development opportunities
  • Develop relationships with students and instructors
  • Assist students in becoming familiar with study skills and university resources
  • Be a role model for students