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For Students

This section will assist you if you were placed on academic warning or probation. Be sure to contact your academic adviser with questions about your academic status.

Warning or Probation

If you have been placed on academic warning or probation, you must:

  1. Complete the online Academic Intervention Self-Assessment available through AccessPlus*.
  2. Meet with your academic adviser within the first 10 days of class this semester. Be prepared to discuss your completed Academic Intervention Self-Assessment with your adviser. You are required to meet with your academic adviser for several important reasons:
    • To evaluate your current class schedule and making changes if needed,
    • To identify obstacles from the previous semester that negatively impacted your academic success,
    • To receive academic success strategies and other resources from your adviser, and
    • To connect and build the valuable relationship between you and your academic adviser.

After visiting with your adviser, please feel free to use our online resources to aid in your semester plan. In addition, you are welcome to make an academic coaching appointment by calling the Academic Success Center at: 515-294-6624.

Access the system

  1. Log into AccessPlus.
  2. Under 'Grades & Transcripts', you will find an 'Academic Intervention' link. 
  3. Review the message in AccessPlus.
  4. Click 'Continue' to be directed to the self-assessment system.

Note: A new window will open and provide secure access to complete the self-assessment.