Student Testimonials

On the fence about requesting a tutor? Check out what some other students had to say on our Spring 2020 Tutee Survey.

You can also see more data from the survey.

"Best Tutor Ever!"

"[Name] has been a fantastic tutor because she is so calm, reasonable, and makes me enjoy learning and asking questions. She is extremely smart and has exponentially helped me in biochemistry this semester by asking questions and teaching things thoroughly without creating a stressful anxious environment."

"You do a great job of balancing guiding us through problems and having us figure it out ourselves, you are very good with communication and you are very approachable. You do an outstanding job teaching the material."

"My tutor is doing a great job. She explains things very well and is extremely helpful. I learn most of the material through her because I understand her ways of explaining it much more than the instructor himself. She does a great job of being inclusive and is always prepared."

Praise for Tutoring Services

"Over the five years that I have been at Iowa State, Tutoring Services has been very generous and very reliable even if there is a problem. I have been grateful to have Tutoring Services available to me and I would definitely recommend Tutoring Services to anyone."

"I think you all did a great job with the transferring over to online. In fact you did a much better job then a few of my classes did and your resources were really helpful in keeping me up to date with my classes."

"More students should be involved in it because it's a great help and can really make a difference in their college experience."