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Spring 2020 tutee applications are open

January 6 - April 10

Please see Tutoring Services main page for information regarding tutoring during online instruction.

How It Works

  1. Be registered at Iowa State for the undergraduate course for which you want a tutor
  2. Complete your request through our website
    1. Select funding source: U-Bill (self-funded) or funding agency (requires approval)
    2. Have an open schedule this allows us to effectively match you with a tutor
  3. Keep your request up-to-date
  4. Watch for an e-mail from your tutor once you are assigned a group.Tutoring is not guaranteed. Placement depends on the number of qualified tutors and schedule compatibility

Quick Facts 

  • Tutoring takes place in groups of 2 to 5 students
  • Group tutoring costs $5 per session
  • Tutees meet with their tutor twice a week for 50 minutes each session. During the summer, students meet three times a week for 50 minutes
  • Attendance is taken at every session. Tutees must withdraw in order to leave their tutoring group.
  • Tutors will not provide direct answers to anything graded (homework, projects, quizzes, etc.) 

    Please review the Tutee Policy Statement for further information. 

    9/10 tutees:

    • Expect grade improvement because of tutoring (6/10 expect a letter grade or more!)
    • Are more satisfied with their college experience because of tutoring
    • Would recommend Tutoring Services


    We understand paying for a tutor can be a concern; therefore, our goal is to maintain low tutoring fees. There is a one-time $5 administrative fee per semester. All group tutoring costs $5 per tutoring session. 

    Tutoring fees are charged to your U-Bill once a month for the previous month. Tutees may be eligible to receive financial assistance to aid them with tutoring fees. A listing of funding resources is available on the tutee request page. If your tutoring is paid for by an outside source, you will need approval from the funding agency. If your funding source is not approved, you will need to pay by U-Bill or remove your request.

    Please contact Rebecca Nation at if you are concerned about funding your tutoring request.

    Campus Resources

    Students waiting for a tutor (or looking to supplement their experience) have many options:

      Contact Us

      If you have a question regarding Tutoring Services review our Frequently Asked Questions. For all other inquiries, please call our office (515-294-6624), e-mail, or contact our staff directly.