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Information for Faculty and Staff

Tutoring Services is designed to be a one-stop-shop in a centralized location for undergraduates interested in requesting or becoming a tutor at Iowa State University.  Some academic departments and colleges may offer tutoring services as well.

We are dedicated to providing quality small group tutoring, consisting of 2 to 5 students, for many undergraduate courses. Each tutoring group meets two times a week. During the summer, tutoring occurs three times a week.

While every effort will be made to fulfill a tutoring request, we cannot guarantee all students will be assigned to a tutoring group.  Assignment to a tutoring group depends on the availability of qualified tutors and schedule compatibility.

Requesting or Becoming a Tutor

The applications to Request a Tutor and to Become a Tutor can be found on the ASC homepage ( or Tutoring Services page (

Visit our Program Description, Goals, and Objectives here.


    We strive to maintain low tutoring fees, which include:

    • $5 administrative fee per semester
    • $4 per tutoring session (for group tutoring)

    Tutoring fees are charged to a student's U-Bill once a month.  Students may be eligible to receive financial assistance to aid them with tutoring fees.  A listing of funding resources is available on the tutee application.  If tutoring is paid for by an outside source, it will require approval from that funding agency. Students should contact Rebecca Nation if they are concerned about paying for their tutoring request.

    Tutoring Groups

    Tutoring groups consist of 2 to 5 students. We typically place students with the same professor in the same group but we cannot guarantee that all students will have the same professor.

    Students meet with their tutor two times per week for 50-minute sessions.  During the summer terms, students meet with their tutor three times a week for 50-minute sessions.

    Students requesting tutoring for a 300 or 400 level course are advised that recruiting qualified tutors for advanced level courses can be challenging, but we will do our best to find a tutor. Students are encouraged to review our Academic Resources, meet with their professor or TA, and form peer study groups.

    Tutor Qualifications

    • Be enrolled as an Iowa State University undergraduate student
    • Complete at least one (1) semester at Iowa State University
    • Have an ISU cumulative GPA of 2.5 
    • Earn a grade of B or higher in course(s) you want to tutor

    All tutors complete an interview and attend a tutor orientation prior to being assigned a group.  Tutors are evaluated each semester by their tutees and periodically by observations conducted by ASC staff members. 

    Tutee Responsibilities

    • Attend all course lectures and tutoring sessions
    • Come prepared to participate with questions and necessary materials
    • Discuss absences or permanent schedule conflicts with tutor as soon as possible
    • Notify the ASC if no longer in need of tutoring

    Please note: Tutors serve as group facilitators, not a second lecturer.  Tutors will not provide direct answers to anything graded (homework, projects, quizzes, etc.).  Tutees should consult with their professor or TA for additional guidance and utilize additional academic resources.

    For additional information on policies and expectations, review the policy statements for tutors and tutees.

    Additional Resources

    The Academic Success Center offers additional services such as academic coaching and Supplemental Instruction (both free) as well as access to many academic resources.

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