Study group in Hixson-Lied
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Tutor Resources

The Academic Success Center and Tutoring Services provide a number of resources to support tutors. If you cannot find what you need here, call our office (515-294-6624), e-mail, or contact our staff directly (see below).

Tutor mentors are a resource to current tutors. Mentors conduct observations and serve as a general resource to our tutors. Here is the full Mentor Position Description

Tutor Training Workshops

The workshops are designed to help tutors learn strategies to improve/enhance their skills and aid in personal development. Tutors get paid for two hours of additional training per semester. Below is a list of our workshops coming up in the next few weeks.

For a full list of our workshops and descriptions, please click here.


Getting to Know your Tutees 

Friday, February 2nd 1:10-2:00pm Hixson-Lied 0020  


Engaging your Tutees 

Monday, February 5th  7:00-7:50pm Library 31 


Active Learning Strategies 

Thursday, February 8th  7:00-7:50pm Library 31

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Tutoring Sessions

Online Resources

  • Academic Resources: Handouts and resources focused on common study concerns and specific subjects
  • Alegbra2go: Video lectures, worksheets, and study material
  • Resources related to studying various topics (bottom of the page)
  • Khan Academy: Resources for math, science, arts and humanities, and test prep (e.g., GMAT, MCAT)
  • Study Guides and Strategies: Resources including guides for problem solving, math, and science
  • WolframAlpha: Assistance solving math problems

Campus Resources

Contact Us

Name Title Email
Rebecca Nation Program Coordinator, Tutoring Services
Adriana GonzalezProgram Assistant, Tutoring
Joshua MatosGraduate Assistant, Tutoring
Echo Zhao Graduate Assistant, Tutoring Services
Keni Zenner Graduate Assistant, Tutoring Services
Leah Weeks Secretary, Academic Success Center