Resources for Tutors

The Academic Success Center and Tutoring Services provide a number of resources to support tutors. If you cannot find what you need here, call our office (515-294-6624), e-mail, or contact our staff directly.

Tutor mentors are a part of the Tutoring Services staff and serve as a resource to current tutors. Mentors conduct observations and provide guidance for better session facilitation. Here is the full Mentor Position Description

Tutor Training Workshops

The workshops are designed to help tutors learn strategies to improve/enhance their skills and aid in personal development. Tutors get paid for two hours of additional training per semester. Click here for the full list of workshops this semester! 

Tutor Newsletters

Click the links below to read our bi-weekly newsletters.

 Fall 2018 Newsletters            

September 7th, 2018                      

September 13, 2018           

September 28, 2018

October 17, 2018

October 29, 2018                                                     

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