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Job Description and Requirements

All tutors earn $10.50 an hour. Each tutoring group meets at a consistent day and time twice a week for 50 minutes during the academic year and three times per week during the summer.  We prefer tutors who can work at least 4-6 hours per week, have availability on at least 4 days per week and require tutors to have knowledge in the subject matter. Tutors are expected to help tutees refine study skills and become independent learners. Our hope is that our tutors serve as a group facilitator, and help tutees learn how to learn the material. 


  • Be enrolled as an Iowa State University undergraduate student - we cannot hire graduate students
  • Complete at least one (1) semester at Iowa State University
  • Have an ISU cumulative GPA of 2.5 
  • Earn a grade of B or higher in course(s) you want to tutor

See the full tutor Job Description

Spring 2018 applications are open from November 20th to February 1, 2018.

  • Applications are reviewed daily throughout the week by tutoring staff. We will contact you for an interview if you are eligible. 
  • Interviews are held, on average, 4x throughout the week.
  • Orientations are held, on average, 3x throughout the week for tutors who are eligible to be hired after the interview process.

The above statements only apply during the fall and spring semesters. 

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Hiring Process

  1. Complete or test out of the course(s) you would like to tutor. Preference is given to tutors who have completed the coursework at Iowa State.
  2. Review our list of current tutoring needs.  We can only offer tutoring for a course that has been requested.
  3. Complete an application. In the summer, applications are limited to returning tutors.
  4. Schedule an interview. Interviews take place in groups. This is your chance to demonstrate the skills we look for in our tutors.  If you require accommodations for your interview please let us know when you schedule your interview.
  5. Read the tutoring handbook and Blackboard resources. 
  6. Complete a short online quiz with 80% pass rate.
  7. Complete required human resource forms. These forms must be returned prior to orientation.
  8. Attend new tutor orientation (2 hours).

Hiring decisions are based on your application responses, interview, and successful completion of the online quiz and orientation. ASC reserves the right to limit hours and/or requests for courses submitted by tutors at any point in the semester.


Why Become a Tutor?

Tutoring is an excellent opportunity to build your communication and leadership skills, keep up your knowledge of completed coursework, and help others. 9 out of 10 tutors would recommend being a tutor!

Here is what our tutors had to say about their experience: 

“I really enjoy helping the students finally understand those difficult theories or topics. I enjoy being able to help them understand something that was once difficult for them.  Also, many of the people within my sessions have now become great friends outside of tutoring.”

“Being a tutor as really helped me feel more confident as a person because I was able to really help other people. It also gives me a strong sense of responsibility for their learning.”

“Tutoring has taught me how to be better work with other people and learn from their experiences.”

“The sessions are interactive and I like engaging in conversation with them. By explaining the material to them, the content becomes clearer to me as well. I have certainly become more confident about myself through this process.”

“I think tutoring really put me outside of my comfort zone which helped me grow as a person."


Contact Us

If you have a question regarding Tutoring Services look at our Frequently Asked Questions. For all other inquiries, please call our office (515-294-6624), e-mail, or contact our staff directly.