What do tutors think about their job?

"Through tutoring, I will gain a ton of leadership skills. I will also be better at learning critical thinking and problem solving due to making worksheets and thinking through the problems that I plan to cover on my own. I am also becoming a better professional by displaying time management skills and intercultural perspectives. Team work is also a huge part of tutoring."

"I love the feeling that I'm truly helping students. I often hear comments like "I'm so glad I have tutoring otherwise I would not understand this class." Comments like this make me feel good knowing that my part time job is not only making me money but is also helping others."

 “I have loved forming connections with students and showing up as not only their tutor, but also a friend.”

“My favorite part is seeing my tutees improve in their class. They get really excited when they do better on a quiz or exam than they thought they would. I also really enjoy the work I have put in to make a welcoming environment for everybody, trying to encourage the tutees to understand that it's okay to have wrong answers, that's how you learn.”

"Tutoring has really helped improve my communication skills and my presentation skills. These skills have been and will continue to be helpful in my classes and professional career."

“It's super fulfilling to see someone through a class, start to finish. Knowing that they are three credits closer to a degree and confident in a class because of the guidance you gave them was awesome. [...] I also got to be someone that my tutees trusted. I really enjoyed that.”