SI Leader Applicant FAQ

Which courses will have SI?

Courses are typically determined one semester in advance. On your application, please list all courses for which you are interested in being an SI Leader and you feel qualified. To view the anticipated SI supported courses for spring 2021, click here

I am currently enrolled in a course for which I want to apply to be a Leader. Can I apply before I receive my final grade?

Yes, you can apply to be an SI Leader for the upcoming semester if you are still enrolled in the course. If your final grade has not been determined by the time you apply, please have your current instructor complete the Current Grade Form. This form will be used to gauge your current progress in the course. If you are offered a future SI Leader position prior to completion of the course, your offer will be conditional until your final grade in the course can be verified.

Can I be a Leader for a course while I am enrolled as a student in the course?

No. You cannot be working towards a grade in the class and be an SI Leader at the same.

Can I apply if I am an international student?

Yes, if you first confirm that you have "work eligible immigration status." To check on your status, please contact the International Students and Scholars Office (3248 Memorial Union, 294-1120). Please verify your work eligibility before applying.

I got a B+ in the course(s) I am applying to be a SI Leader for, does this mean applicants with an A are prioritized before me?
No. Meeting the final grade range requirement is all that is required for your eligibility. There are a number of things we consider when selecting applicants. 

Can I apply if I will be transferring to Iowa State University, or if I transferred to ISU? 

Yes, if:

  • Your completed the course at another accredited institution,
  • The course credit is transferring to ISU as a direct equivalent or substitute, and
  • You earned a B+ or higher in the course.

Please submit a copy of your transcript from previous colleges/universities to show us the grade you earned and to demonstrate your academic ability, based on your GPA. Since differences may exist between your prior course content and the course(s) for which you want to be an SI Leader, also be prepared to demonstrate how your prior course content relates to the Iowa State University course content. You can refer to the University Catalog for a comparison of courses.

Can I apply to be a Leader for a course that I have tested out of, or a course that I will not take at ISU?

For some courses, we will consider you as a candidate for a course you have not taken at ISU, if you have already completed related, higher-level coursework. Some examples:

An applicant who has completed......can be a Leader for:
BIOL 211/212BIOL 101 or 155
CHEM 177 (or higher general chemistry courses)CHEM 163 or 167
CHEM 331/332CHEM 231
MATH 165 (or higher calculus courses)MATH 143, 151 or 160
PHYS 221 (or higher physics courses)PHYS 111
PHYS 241/242PHYS 221/222