SI Assessment

The Iowa State University SI program is continually assessed through the following methods:

  • Attendance and participation data
  • Scheduling surveys
  • Mid-semester student evaluations
  • Feedback from faculty
  • SI Leader self-evaluations

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an internationally developed student learning program. The University of Missouri-Kansas City International Center for SI established a framework to guide our assessment.

2016-2017 Results

Data findings from the 2016-2017 academic year show that SI Leaders accumulated more than 66,000 contact hours with students. As SI data historically demonstrates, students participating in SI again experienced higher mean grade point averages (GPAs) than non-participants. SI participants in the fall semester earned an average 0.37 higher GPA than non-participants, and a 0.38 higher GPA in the spring.

Summary Data

Fall 2016

Spring 2017

Number of SI Sessions Offered2,6211,7244,345
Total Contact Hours with SI Participants37,72828,98166,763
Number of Unique Students Attending SI*5,6724,3937,997**
Mean Size of Standard SI Sessions1817N/A
Number of Courses with SI Offered3330N/A
Number of Departments Supported1413N/A
Number of SI Leaders on Staff5748N/A
Mean Final GPA of Non-SI Participants2.372.36N/A
Mean Final GPA of SI Participants2.742.74N/A
Average GPA Difference of SI Participants vs. Non-SI Participants+ 0.37+ 0.38N/A


*SI Leaders had the option to estimate the number of students attending exam reviews, so students who only participated in exam reviews during the academic year may have been unintentionally excluded from SI data.
**2,068 students attended SI during both fall 2016 and spring 2017 semesters, making 7,997 the total unduplicated headcount for participating students.


Final GPAs were identified for varying levels or participation in SI sessions and revealed a positive correction between frequency of attendance and student success. The data suggests that regular attendance at SI continues to be of more benefit for students than attendance only before review sessions. This finding is encouraging.

Student Success Based on Level of Participation in SI
(Mean Final GPAs)

 Fall 2016Spring 2017
Non-SI Participants2.372.36
Students Attending 1-4 SI Sessions2.632.65
Students Attending 5-9 SI Sessions2.882.84
Students Attending 10-14 SI Sessions2.923.40
Students Attending 15+ SI Sessions3.223.14


In addition to increased student success, SI participation also aided in university retention efforts. Approximately 85% of SI participants received a final course grade of C- or higher, compared to only 71% of non-participants. Non-SI participants withdrew from a course more often than SI participants.