What are students saying about tutoring? 

would recommend Tutoring Services to other students
say tutoring improves overall academic skills
are more satisfied with their college experience because of Tutoring Services

"[I have] a great tutor and he explains concepts in a way that helps me make sense of what we are learning. My test scores have definitely improved and I'd credit a lot of that to his approach!"

"Every time I have requested a tutor, I have been given one that really knows how to teach the material in a very manageable way. Overall, I think Tutoring Services is one of the best parts of Iowa State."

"[My tutor] engages the students in the session and as we get comfortable with the material, she challenges us to work harder. She makes sure that we are all heard and included in the tutoring session. She also makes sure that we enjoy the sessions and that we work on the material we want to practice. She is very open to questions and if she does not know the answer, she checks or asks us to revise it. I would not change anything that she does! In all honesty, if there was a scale to measure what an awesome tutor [she] is, she would break it! Thank you for your services."

"This tutor has gone above and beyond to make sure we understand the course material. He will often have us break up to solve small questions on our own or have us each do certain steps of a procedure on our own before passing it off to the next person. His methods of tutoring have stuck with me and helped me learn better than the methods of any tutor I've had before."

"It’s really great as I have learned a lot from even the other students in my tutoring group."

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"My tutor has helped me tremendously in reaching my academic goals. I absolutely recommend tutoring for anyone who could use more guidance in their classes."