Time Management & Procrastination

The following resources provide information on developing time management skills. Please contact the Academic Success Center to meet with an Academic Coach if you would like assistance incorporating any of these materials into your daily routine. 

Managing your time allows you to accomplish everything you need to get done. Dedicating time to each area of your life can lead to greater fulfillment and satisfaction. The Academic Success Center recommends creating a weekly, monthly, and/or semester-long schedule to be successful and organized. 

Semester at a Glance: A one-page semester schedule containing primary academic dates for the semester.

For full set of academic dates, please see: http://www.registrar.iastate.edu/calendar/

    Managing Online Distractions: There is no foolproof way to prevent yourself from getting online or preventing you from being distracted by online sites. However, there are a few programs that you could use to temporarily block your access to certain websites that tend to distract you, including the three listed below. Please read about each program carefully before installing to your computer.