Health & Stress

The following resources provide information on staying healthy and managing stress. Please contact the Academic Success Center to meet with an Academic Coach if you would like assistance incorporating any of these materials into your daily routine. 

Almost every student experiences some level of stress during during college. However, it can be a concern when your stress influences performance in school and your daily activities. Review the handouts on the right to learn more about the causes of stress and strategies to combat these feelings. If you feel stress has become generalized to other areas of life, the Academic Success Center recommends seeking out support through other professional means such the resources below:

Recreation Services: Provides quality recreation opportunity for the campus community including intramural, fitness programs, sports clubs, and outdoor recreation. 

Student Assistance and Outreach Services: Assist students as they manage issues surrounding academic concerns, personal matters/emergencies, and navigation of university policies and procedures. 

Student Counseling Services (SCS)Includes a staff of professional counselors and psychologist who work with students to enhance their academic and personal well-being.   

Thielen Student Health Center: ISU's full-service ambulatory care facility.