Study Skills

The following resources provide information on developing academic study skills. Please contact the Academic Success Center to meet with an Academic Coach if you would like assistance incorporating any of these materials into your daily routine. 

Do you feel discouraged by your exam scores? The Academic Success Center feels the way you study can be more important than how long you study. The handouts we provide discuss general tips and psychological learning theories that can help you understand how to be most effective when you hit the books! Click the links on the right to learn more about study skills, note taking, and reading.


Ideas for Study Locations at Iowa State

Quiet/Isolated Locations:
  • Tiers at the Library
  • Empty Classrooms
  • Residence Hall Dungeons/Dens
  • Browsing Library (MU)
Like a little background noise?
  • The Hub
  • Multicultural Student Lounge (MU)
  • Lower levels of the Library
  • HIxson-Lied Student Success Center
  • Cafes and commons in Academic Buildings

A student-led effort to gather study spaces has been organized by clicking here.