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Quick Facts
  • Tutoring takes place in-person in groups of 2 to 5 students led by a qualified peer tutor.
  • Groups meet twice a week for 50 minutes each session. During the summer, students meet three times a week for 50 minutes
    • Attendance is taken at every session. Tutees must withdraw in order to leave their tutoring group.
  • Group tutoring costs $5 per session.
    • Tutoring fees are charged to your U-Bill once a month for the previous month
    • Funding sources are available for tutees to review and select in the application. Questions regarding your funding approval will be directed to their staff. If your funding is not approved, you will need to pay by U-Bill or withdraw.
    • Please select the Financial Assistance: Dean of Students Office funding source if you are concerned about the fees.
  • Tutors help students learn how to learn and will not provide direct answers to anything graded (homework, projects, quizzes, etc.)
    • Tutors do not replace class instruction.
    • Tutees should come with questions and be ready to engage.
  • Review the Tutee Policy Statement for further information. 


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