Important COVID-19 Workshop Announcemnt: The ASC will be offering the option of virtual or in-person workshops. If you would like an in person workshop, the classroom has to have capacity for a presenter. If classroom is at capacity with students and instructor, and putting one more person puts you at over 50% capacity, request a virtual option. Classroom technology must support streaming capabilities. In efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, the ASC will not be distributing materials. We will offer materials virtually or they will be available for individual printing if students choose.

Workshop topics will be: Overview of ASC Services, The Study Cycle, Time Management, Exam Preparation, and Final Exam Preparation.Presentations and Workshops make up the largest aspect of the ASC’s outreach services. Scheduled evening workshops cover a range of academic skill topics and take place in Hixson-Lied classrooms throughout the semester. Outside of the evening workshop series, presentations can also be requested by students, faculty and staff throughout the semester via our website and take place at various campus locations. In an effort to encourage active participation in our requested presentations, the Academic Coaching and Outreach staff will group workshops and presentations together under Workshops to reflect the similarity of their content. Requested workshops will be presented by one of our ASC Ambassadors.