Cyclone Success Program

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What is the Cyclone Success Program?

The Cyclone Success Program is a three-year research grant program dedicated to increasing the retention and graduation rates for a select group of low-income and first-generation undergraduate students enrolled at Iowa State University.

Who participates in the program?

Students selected for this program will have been notified via email and will have outreach from one of the Cyclone Success Coaches. The coaches are: Carolyn Duven ( and Katie Flannery ( Cyclone Success Coaches can help the selected students with academic progress, social, personal, and financial affairs.

Where is the Cyclone Success Program Office located?

Check in at 1060 Hixson-Lied Student Success Building to meet with your coach.


Cyclone Success Coaching Staff & Leadership Team

Molly DrillingCyclone Success
Brenda KutzCyclone Success
Katie WhippleDirector, Academic Success
Karen ZunkelPrincipal Investigator, M.A.A.P.S.
Kelsey SmythAdvising Lead, M.A.A.P.S.
Amanda DeGraffData Lead, M.A.A.P.S.
Darcie SprouseUniveristy Innovation Alliance