Fountain at the Memorial Union

Photo provided by Special Collections Department / Iowa State University Library

Why Mapworks?

Incoming first year students and new transfer students who participate in Mapworks have shown the ability to:

  • earn a higher GPA
  • successfully complete additional courses
  • reduce the risk of academic probation 

How does it work?

Mapworks uses a combination of:

  • Admissions data (high school GPA, ACT/SAT scores)
  • Institutional data (graduation rates, average GPA)
  • Student survey responses that focus on:
    • Learning (GPA expectations, study skills and maximization of those skills) 
    • Connections (student activities and residence hall life)
    • Making healthy choices (time management, eating healthy)
    • Self-knowledge (academic abilities and self management)

Mapworks provides student participants with a personalized online or printable (PDF) report. Each report helps the student understand their personal strengths and weaknesses. It also details pertinent campus resources as well as benchmarking results to show participants how their peers are adapting to campus life.