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Information for Students

Starting a college career on the right track is important. Iowa State’s Mapworks survey is designed to assist in the transition to college. There are multiple resources available to students on campus. Mapworks is a way to become connected to those resources.

In fall 2014, 82% of students participated in the survey. Survey respondents had an average of .4 higher GPA than those who did not complete the survey. 

Here are some other benefits for students who participate in Mapworks:

  • Become more aware of your strengths and areas of improvement as a college student
  • Connect to applicable resources around campus that promote student success
  • Better understand how your peers also transition to college

What is Mapworks?

Mapworks is a survey administered the third week of the fall semester to first year, sophomore, and transfer students at Iowa State. The goal of Mapworks is to provide personalized feedback and support to survey respondents as they transition to college.

In total, Mapworks seeks to assess a student's transition through the following domains:

  • Student characteristics (gender, entrance exam scores, high school GPA)
  • Academic integration (self-efficacy, academic behaviors, commitment)
  • Self-assessed skills (communication, time management, stress), and
  • Social integration (peer connections, living environment, roommates, homesickness).

They survey will remain open for approximately six weeks throughout the fall semester. Mapworks has been used at Iowa State since fall of 2008.

Who can take Mapworks?

  • If you’re a first-year, new, direct from high school student, you’ll get an email invitation to participate in Mapworks.
  • You can access Mapworks beginning September 5, 2018.
  • Mapworks helps you transition in college
  • Students who take Mapworks record .4 GPA than those who don’t
  • 89% of Mapworks participants who started at ISU in fall 2010 were still enrolled in fall 2011

After you take Mapworks and utilize your results, you can

  • Identify areas where you might be struggling
  • Compare your results to your peers
  • Connect with resources on campus (offices, departments and/or staff that can help you)

Have ISU faculty/staff provide you with the support you may benefit from

How To Access the Mapworks Survey

The survey will be available beginning September 5, 2018:

  • You will receive an email invitation with the link to complete the survey.
    • OR
  • Log into AccessPlus
  • Under the "Student" tab, select "Mapworks"
  • The survey should take about 25 minutes to complete.
  • You will receive a link to your individual MAP report immediately upon submission of the completed survey.
  •  As soon as 30% of ISU students have responded, you will also receive a report comparing your results with your peers.

Note: Survey closes October 5, 2018


Incentives are available to respondents who live on campus, off campus, and in the Greek community.  If you take Mapworks by Friday October 5, 2018, you’ll be eligible to win prizes based on where you live (on-campus vs. off-campus).

Watch your email for more information!