Faculty Can Help by Promoting our Services

Add this Statement to your syllabus or canvas site

We support. You succeed! The Academic Success Center provides learning opportunities for all students through services that support academic skill development, grade improvement, and engagement with peers, all of which promote success and self-directed learning. The ASC offers individualized and group-facilitated experiences that can be connected to a specific course, or focus on general skill development. Services include: Academic Coaching, Writing and Communication Consultations, Resources and WorksheetsSupplemental InstructionTutoring Services, the Workshop Series, and PSYCH 131, an academic skills course. The ASC encourages students to use the supports that can best strengthen their learning. Learn more about ASC services, employment opportunities, and where to find the office at www.asc.dso.iastate.edu or by calling 515-294-6624. 

Does your class have written, oral, visual, or electronic communication components? Suggest that your students make appointments with our peer communication consultants. Our communication consultants assist with any part of the writing process, from brainstorming to drafting to revision. While our services are not for proofreading, students find successful strategies to improve all aspects of their communication.

View more about our services here: https://www.asc.dso.iastate.edu/writingsuccess

Help your students succeed by sharing these workshops and worksheets in your courses

We have a library of handouts available (to download and print, or fill out on your computer) to help aid and grow students’ time management skills, study skills, and reading and note-taking abilities. Students are encouraged to utilize these handouts at any point in the semester. Our pre-recorded workshops are also available for students to engage in a guided, self-paced experience with accompanying packets. 

This workshop is designed to give participants an overview of the services and support offered by the Academic Success Center. Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about Academic Coaching, Writing and Communication Consultations, Psych 131, Supplemental Instruction, and Tutoring Services.

Slide deck & Handouts & on-demand workshop

Time Management is an essential aspect of academic success. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn strategies on how to effectively manage their time and prioritize their tasks.

Slide deck  & Handouts on-demand workshop

This interactive workshop focuses on metacognition and utilizing the Study Cycle to succeed in courses. The Study Cycle is a 5-step approach designed to help students become more efficient learners. Workshop participants will learn how to approach their coursework in “learn” mode instead of “study” mode.

slide deck & Handoutson-demand workshop

This workshop focuses on helping students effectively prepare for an upcoming exam. Participants will learn more about the 5-day study plan, different review and study strategies, and how to structure their study time before an exam. 

slide deck & Handouts on-demand workshop

Promote Supplemental Instruction

  1. If your course has SI sections, please add a statement about SI to your syllabus.  Here are some examples:
  • Basic: Supplemental Instruction (SI) is offered for this course. For information about the days, times, and locations for SI sessions, refer to the SI website: www.si.iastate.edu
  • Detailed: Supplemental Instruction (SI) is offered for this course. SI sessions are group study opportunities, scheduled three times per week. These sessions are facilitated by an SI Leader. Students should attend SI sessions to ask questions about course content and to develop learning/study strategies. Students who participate in SI sessions typically earn higher final course grades and exam grades than students who do not participate in SI. SI attendance is voluntary, and it is not a substitute for class attendance. For information about the days, times, and locations for SI sessions, refer to the SI website: www.si.iastate.edu
  1. Include SI PowerPoint slides during your week 1 lectures.  Click this link to download the slide.  Feel free to adapt it however you wish: https://iastate.box.com/v/SIInformationSlidesforLecture
  2. Include information about SI on your Canvas site or course website – click this link for instructions: https://iastate.box.com/v/AddSIButtonToCanvas
  3. Post the SI overview video in your Canvas course and/or play it during lecture: https://youtu.be/QG0F2Ix81qs
  4. Once the SI schedule is set include slides with session information in your lecture. 
  5. Please provide your SI Leader 5 minutes during your first lecture of the semester so they can provide info/promo/Q&A to your students about SI.  This is critical so we can help students in your course understand what SI is and to encourage them to complete the scheduling survey to help us schedule sessions for times that they are available.

**All of the resources/documents linked above can be found in the CyBox folder at this link: https://iastate.box.com/v/F21SIResources

Don’t know if your class offers Supplemental Instruction or if your students are taking a class that uses SI?  See the list.

Do you wish your course was supported by Supplemental Instruction?  Visit this site for more information.

The Writing and Communication Consultations offers Writing Groups for ISU graduate students, faculty, and staff! 

Looking for ways to connect with other writers? You may want to join a writing group if you are interested in:

  • Accountability
  • Feedback
  • A Supportive Writing Environment
  • Focused Writing Time
  • Meeting Fellow Writers and Scholars
  • And More!

This semester, our writing groups meet from 9a-10a on Wednesdays and from 2p-3p on Tuesdays, both meetings on Zoom.

If you would like an Outlook invite to the writing groups, or if you have any questions, please contact Rachel McKenny, Assistant Director of the Writing and Communication Consultations of the Academic Success Center.

Thank you for partnering with us to support the academic success of ISU students!