Preparing for your Appointment

Click here for detailed instructions on how to schedule your appointment. All Academic Coaching Appointments will take place virtually or by phone. Academic Coaching is being offered during the Winter session.

Virtual Appointment

  • If you choose to schedule a virtual appointment, you will be sent instructions to your ISU email on how to access that appointment at least 24 hours before your appointment takes place. 
  • In this email, you will be provided a link to a survey that needs to be completed before you meet with your academic coach. If you do not complete the survey, you will be asked to do so during your appointment time.

Phone Appointment

  • If you do not have adequate internet access for a virtual appointment, you will be sent instructions to your ISU email with a phone number to call.  


Last day to schedule an Academic Coaching Appointment for spring semester is Friday, Aprl 16th.

Considerations Before, During, and After your Coaching Appointment

Academic Coaching is designed to help you achieve your goals, the more you think about what you would like from the service, the more beneficial an appointment can be. Consider some of the following:



  • Check your ISU email for any communication before-hand about what you might need to have prepared for appointment
  • Consider checking out our Coaching staff page to learn a little more about your Academic Coach and who you will be meeting with.
  • What change(s) would you like to see as a result of working with a coach? For example, here are some skills that students have worked on:
    • Creating a time management system that works for you
    • Determine a plan to study for upcoming exams
    • Identifying learning techniques that are most effective for you
    • Trying new reading or note-taking strategies
    • Setting goals and creating structure to meet those goals
  • Consider about what questions you have about the coaching process



  • Try to arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment to allow time to fill out a brief survey.
  • You will be given a handout to take notes during your appointment to help you remember what you and the coach talked about, be sure to bring a writing utensil.
  • Remember coaching is what YOU want it to be, if you feel the conversation is not helpful or going the direction you want be sure to ask the coach to change gears! We want to make sure you find the appointment useful.
  • Your coach will ask if you want to schedule a follow-up appointment, or if you have a different way you would like to.



  • Spend some time reviewing what you talked about with your Coach. Make sure to think about what actionable steps you will commit to this week. Remember we can’t change everything at once, try to pick one small step.
  • Check-in with yourself during the week after your appointment and ask these questions.
    • What progress have you made? If you feel stuck, what did you notice about what didn’t go as planned? Any other observations or insights you’ve made since then?
  • Are there other resources I should continue to check-out besides Coaching to support my academic goals, like: Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, self-directed handouts, and workshops?
  • Always remember you can contact your Coach with any additional questions you might have after your appointment.


Contact Us

To schedule an appointment, call our office (515-294-6624). For questions related to academic coaching, please contact our Coaching Staff at

Adriana Gonzalez

Assistant Director, Academic Coaching and Outreach