Luke Polzin

Pronouns: He, him, his

Hometown: St. Paul, MN

Major: Senior in Child, Adult, and Family Services with a youth emphasis 

What is the most important advice you would give students?

Use the resources that are available to you! Iowa State offers various resources that can help students with whatever they may be struggling with! Whether it is career exploration, academic support, writing improvement, or you just need someone to talk to; Iowa State can help! I know that I would not be as successful today without the amazing resources and facility members Iowa State has to offer! 

Why should students take advantage of the Academic Success Center?

Students should take advantage of the Academic Success Center because it helps students create, implement, and obtain academic goals that are personalized to their own learning style. Students get the support they need from other students who can empathize the struggle of being successful at college. I know that my GPA was significantly improved after I took advantage of the Academic Success Center!

What is your favorite place on campus to study?

My favorite place to study on campus depends on the season. In the Fall, my favorite place is the Lagomarcino courtyard. In the Winter, I try to stay indoors and Curtiss Hall has a couple of great locations that are quiet. Finally, the Spring is a great time to grab a hammock and study on central campus!

Other random facts to share?

I love to mountain bike!