Become a Tutor

Tutor Qualifications
Why Become a Tutor?
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  • Tutoring is an excellent opportunity to build your communication and leadership skills, keep up your knowledge of completed coursework, and help your fellow Cyclones. Tutors will gain skills in all areas of the Career Readiness Competencies, skills future employers look for!
  • Over 9 out of 10 tutors would recommend being a tutor! For more reasons to become a tutor, hear from our own tutors and tutees.
Hiring Process
  1. Review our list of current tutoring needs.  We cannot fill your hours unless your course(s) have been requested.
  2. Complete an online application. In the summer, applications are limited to recently hired, returning tutors.
    1. You can save yourself time by adding the Tutoring Services tile to your Okta Dashboard
  3. You will be contacted for an interview after we review your application. We consider your application responses, courses, and schedule. Interviews take place in groups. This is your chance to demonstrate the skills we look for in our tutors.  If you require accommodations for your interview please let us know when you schedule your interview.
  4. Read the Tutoring Services handbook.
  5. Complete a short online quiz over the handbook. Required every semester of employment.
  6. Complete required human resource forms. These forms must be returned prior to orientation.
    1. Please note that for summer, you must have a current, valid I-9 on file with HR.
  7. Log in and complete all Workday onboarding requirements.
  8. Attend new tutor orientation (3 hours).