AISA Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Undergraduate students who are currently enrolled and placed on academic probation and/or
  2. Undergraduate students who left ISU due to being academically dismissed or while on academic probation and are returning to ISU and/or
  3. Undergraduate students who are placed on Financial Aid Suspension

Federal regulations require students to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to receive financial aid. Students who are on Financial Aid Suspension must appeal for the reinstatement of their financial aid by submitting the Academic Intervention Self-Assessment and meeting with their Academic Adviser. Appeal approval is not guaranteed. ISU has a separate policy to monitor a student's academic standing. The ISU Academic Warning and Probation policy is different from the financial aid SAP policy, and a student may need to submit the Academic Intervention Self-Assessment for being on Academic Probation and/or Financial Aid Suspension.

For students to access the system:

  1. Log into AccessPlus.
  2. Under 'Grades & Transcripts', you will find an 'Academic Intervention' link.
  3. Review the message in AccessPlus.
  4. Click 'Continue' to be directed to the self-assessment system

Log into the AISA to view all submitted appeals or search individually by name or student ID. To access the system:

  1. Log into AccessPlus.
  2. Under the 'Faculty/Adviser' tab and Advising Services option, search for your student by using the name browse option.
  3. Upon locating the student, click on 'Academic Intervention'
  4. Click 'Continue' to be directed to the self-assessment system.

This can occur for the following reasons:

  1. There are two AISA submission opportunities from May to December: spring and summer. The student cannot see if they are appealing for spring or summer, and the semester on the appeal will be determined by the submission date. The Academic Advisor should check for a spring and summer appeal from May to December. The Academic or Faculty adviser reviewing the appeal is welcome to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid with an individual name or ID if you have specific questions.
  2. The student has not completed all required sections. The student will see green checkmarks next to all required sections before the "submit" button will appear.

There are two AISA submissions allowed from May to December: spring and summer. The student is only required to submit the spring and summer appeal if they were registered in spring and summer courses and did not meeting financial aid requirements during both semesters. However, some students may submit both AISAs without needing to do so. The Academic Adviser will need to look at spring and summer self-assessments from May to December to determine which was most recently completed by the student.

Please note that the Office of Student Financial Aid can review either appeal – spring or summer – for financial aid suspension, regardless of when the student was last enrolled. 

Allow the student to make the most informed estimate about their future courses by discussing their degree audit and any prerequisite courses required to proceed in their designated major.  The upcoming courses do not need to be exact, but they should closely align with courses required on the student’s degree audit.

Typically students will gain access to the AISA within one business day of becoming reinstated to ISU. A student must have an active NetID in order to have access to the AISA. To register for a NetID, follow IT's instructions.

Marking the AISA as complete does not remove the student’s registration hold. The Academic Adviser must mark the AISA as complete and remove the student’s registration hold in ADIN for the student to be able to register for future semester courses.

The student is on financial aid suspension, and the financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress policy may not align with the College’s academic warning and probation policy. The student has been notified about the exact reason why they are on financial aid suspension, and questions about financial aid suspension may be directed to the Office of Student Financial Aid at 515-294-2223.