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For Advisers

This section will assist you if you when working with students who were placed on academic warning or probation.

Role of the Adviser

The role of the academic adviser is critical to the success of the Academic Intervention program. The Intervention Model illustrates the three phase model of academic intervention for students on Academic Warning and Probation. Phase One involves a college intervention only. Phase two is the student services intervention. Phase three is the University-wide intervention with numerous offices working to contact their students who have not met with their academic adviser.

Why is there an Academic Probation Policy?

The Academic Probation Policy was established to provide a comprehensive, unified policy that will meet the following objectives:

  • Identify and alert students who are not making satisfactory academic progress;
  • Assist students on academic probation to be successful by providing them with interventions at the earliest point possible;
  • Maintain the integrity of Iowa State University baccalaureate degrees;
  • Comply with requirements for financial aid disbursement;
  • Academically dismiss students who fail to make satisfactory academic progress in a timely manner;
  • Provide a second chance (reinstatement), thus giving students the opportunity to demonstrate change.

Click here for more information on the Academic Probation Policy.

Access the system

  1. Log into AccessPlus.
  2. Under the 'Faculty/Adviser' tab and Advising Services option, search for your student by using the name browse option. 
  3. Upon locating the student, click on 'Academic Intervention'
  4. Click 'Continue' to be directed to the self-assessment system.

Note: A new window will open and provide secure access to view and manage the self-assessments.

Academic Probation Policy & Intervention Program - Adviser Handbook

The Academic Probation Policy & Intervention Program Adviser Handbook includes a detailed description of the probation policy as well as suggestions for making the most of your advising appointment with students on academic warning or probation. The final section of the handbook lists a wide-variety of on-campus and community resources to assist you in your referrals to appropriate offices based on each student's needs.

Academic Success Resources

Students often need additional skill development at all levels of college. Here you will find excellent resources to assist with the development of study skills, time management methods, test taking skills, and many, many other topics. Please refer students to this site or directly to the Academic Success Center in 1060 Hixson-Lied Student Success Center or by calling 515-294-6624 for an appointment.

University Catalog Information

For more information about the new academic probation policy, you can check out the catalog information page which includes frequently asked questions for both you and your students.