Graduates in cap and grown

Photo provided by Special Collections Department / Iowa State University Library

The mission of the Academic Intervention Program is to encourage and support our students' persistence in and graduation from Iowa State University. The intervention is designed to assist student's recognition of the obstacles interrupting their academic progress and achievement by offering success strategies workshops, individual meetings with advisers, academic coaching and additional academic resources.

The Academic Coaching staff is always willing to answer your questions. Contact us at 515-294-6624 or via email at

Midterm Course Assessment and Recovery Resources

Packet for Students (.pdf): The midterm course assessment packet is designed to allow students to evaluate their progress in each course, regardless if a midterm grade was provided (midterm grades are released March 8th).

Packet for Advisers (.pdf): The midterm course packet is designed to provide advisers information and resources related to supporting students at the midterm point of the semester.