Hixson-Lied Student Success Center
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About Us

The Academic Success Center (ASC) mission is to enhance students' academic development and serve as a community partner promoting academic success and skill development (see our complete mission statement). 

The ASC is here to help support and facilitate student learning and success.  We provide opportunities for more than 600 peer tutors and Supplemental Instruction leaders as well as more than 11,000 students to lead, learn, and succeed during their time at Iowa State.

The ASC is one of 14 departments within the Deans of Students Office (DSO), and it is one of five departments within the DSO specifically focusing on student success and retention. Reporting through the Division of Student Affairs, the DSO uses an integrated approach to support student-centered learning through personal, community, and academic development culminating in a transformative experience. 

Our Office

Location: 1060 Hixson-Lied Student Success Center (see building information or find us on a campus map)
Phone: 515-294-6624
E-mail: success@iastate.edu
Regular Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (excluding University Holidays), Monday-Friday 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM during university recess and summer

Professional Staff

Name Title Email
Katie Whipple Director whipplek@iastate.edu
Chelsey GatesProgram Coordinator, Academic Coaching and Outreachcgates@iastate.edu
Leif Olsen Program Coordinator, Supplemental Instruction and Psych 131 leolsen@iastate.edu
Rebecca Nation Program Coordinator, Tutoring Services rgnation@iastate.edu
Katie Flannery Cyclone Success Coach krbrown@iastate.edu
Carolyn Duven Cyclone Success Coach cduven@iastate.edu
Jarrel Johnson Cyclone Success Coach jarrelj@iastate.edu
Leah Weeks Secretary lbm@iastate.edu

Graduate Student Staff

Name Title Email
Nicole Hayes Graduate Assistant, Academic Coach psychga2@iastate.edu
Alec Jordan Graduate Assistant, Academic Coach aigrad2@iastate.edu
Julia Lapham Graduate Assistant, Academic Coach aigrad3@iastate.edu
Madelyne Losby Graduate Assistant, Academic Coach psychga3@iastate.edu
Kathryn LundgrenPracticum Student, Academic Coachaigrad4@iastate.edu
Nellie Moualeu Graduate Assistant, Academic Coach psychga4@iastate.edu
MaKayla Schroeder Graduate Assistant, Academic Coach aigrad1@iastate.edu
Meredith Tittler Graduate Assistant, Academic Coach psychga1@iastate.edu
Jennifer Hormell Graduate Assistant, Supplemental Instruction sigrad3@iastate.edu
Morgan Sanders Graduate, Assistant, Supplemental Instruction sigrad1@iastate.edu
Tyler Person Graduate Assistant, Tutoring Services tutorga1@iastate.edu
Ye (Echo) Zhao Graduate Assistant, Tutoring Services tutorga2@iastate.edu
Keni Zenner Graduate Assistant, Tutoring Services tutorga3@iastate.edu